Sales & Customer Service

MillRock isn’t just a product provider, we become a member on our client’s team and embrace the process through partnership. We are solution based in our thinking when confronted by challenges.  By “taking care of business” for our clients, MillRock enables them to focus on other issues to further their success.

Our experience through hundreds of projects has helped us develop systems and processes to assure nothing drops through the cracks. All parts and pieces are delivered complete, cabinets and appliances fit and function as intended, and projects are completed on time without cost overruns.




Request for Quotes is assigned to a MillRock representative who oversees the entire quoting process. MillRock sales proposals are comprehensive, including manufacturing, shop drawings, sample rooms, and delivery while also offering suggestions for value engineering when appropriate for demanding budgets.



Project Management & Logistics Coordination

A dedicated project manager becomes your point of contact to ensure accurate implementation throughout the process, including predicting and preventing problems before they happen. From initial conversation to delivery, your project manager thoroughly documents your project to maintain the high standards to which we hold our team to complete your project on time and budget.



Shop Drawings & Value Engineering

Our project managers assure correct form and function through thorough shop drawing processes:

–   Value engineering for best quality and value.
–   Site verification and field measurements.
–   Analyzing and correcting design documents for fit and function.
–   Advising for ADA compliance.
–   Advising for Brand Design compliance.




When custom finishes are required, we provide matching samples of requested finishes to meet and follow as control throughout the project’s process.

We also provide complete model kitchens and vanities when model rooms are required prior to manufacturing.




MillRock is proud to partner with Interchange (a logistics company) to transport and deliver projects directly to the construction site, on time while minimizing shipping damage.

We also use a unique labeling system to ensure delivery accuracy and accountability. Every cabinet and filler is labeled for the specific room/unit where it will be installed for ease of receiving, distribution, installation, and accountability.